Monday, 28 May 2012

Bolehill Fish and Chips, Crookes, Sheffield

I've been impressed with my first forays into the Sheffield food scene, but until last week I'd failed to tackle the all important question. What about the fish and chips?

This wasn't a bad introduction, but it was a little strange. I didn't have peas, but AS did, and they appeared to be full of food colouring. They tasted fine, but were a very peculiar shade of green, dark yet lurid. Almost blue tinged. I forgot to take a photo so you'll have to take my word for it, they really did look odd.

Is this normal behaviour in the Steel city? Is the dying of peas commonplace? Whether this was an isolated incident or not, it needs to stop. Don't dye the peas. Please don't. It's unnerving and unnecessary.

As I said, I didn't even have the peas, despite this their unusual appearance is the abiding memory of the meal. I had curry sauce, which I can't remember a thing about. It wasn't luminous orange of that I'm sure.

The fish was a decent enough specimen. Fresh, chunky and not overcooked. The batter was a little stodgy in parts though with rather too much residual grease. The chips were pleasant and plentiful (too plentiful really).

Good chips, fairly good fish, average batter, avoid the peas. I'll probably try elsewhere next time. No idea how much it cost because they were fetched for me.


249 Crookes
S10 1TF


Chef Anthony Clark said...

Try Whitby's

Poplar Way, Catcliffe, Rotherham,
South Yorkshire, S60 5TR

Dave said...

Cheers, will add it to my list!

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