Thursday, 17 November 2011

Wilson's Pie Van, Leeds

There's been a worrying development at work. Every day as noon approaches, a jingle plays, the pie van is nigh. Liberally stocked with all manner of pastry-based treats and assorted condiments, it entices me down the stairs and out the door. As winter arrives it'll be hard to resist. Mmmmm pie. Lovely warm, comforting pie and peas? Oh go on then.

Fortunately for my waistline they also stock a range of salads and sandwiches, and I'm usually only in the office a couple of days a week. Panic over. Not that I've got round to trying the salads yet, but the sandwiches are great. Think large soft granary rolls, packed with good quality ham, sliced eggs and salad.

More photogenic meals are available, but none so green

Today I went for the classic, pie and peas. A generous slick of sloppy peas and a hot Wilson's pork pie for a perfectly reasonable £2.10. Nice, though I actually prefer pork pies cold or slightly warm rather than heated up.

I used to wish the pie van would visit my office, and now it does. Lucky me.

8/10 for the sandwiches
7/10 for the pie and peas

Wilson's Pie Van
Loitering outside your office and making you fat


PDH said...

I haven't had pie and peas in AGES! I want some :^D

Chef Chipmunk said...

you have a PIE VAN! WHY don't we have these in wigan!? dead dead jealous.

Dave said...

Pavel - you'll have to get yourself to Yorkshire, it's the only option.

Chef Chipmunk - you don't have a pie van in Wigan?? The spiritual home of the pie? That's shocking!

Leigh said...

Wilson's pies are ACE!

Dave said...

Can't argue with that Leigh. Is Wilson your dog named after them?... I hope so.

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