Monday, 1 August 2011

Laynes Espresso, Leeds

Ever since opening its doors on New Station Street a few months ago Laynes Espresso has been getting rave reviews. On Saturday I had half an hour to spare between trains so thought I'd go and see what all the fuss was about.

Having done so I can wholeheartedly add to the chorus of praise. Everything about the place was very, very good. A flat white coffee and a slice of Bostok came attractively served on a sort of wooden platter. Attractive, but functional too, taking up much less space than individual plates and saucers. A great idea in a very small room.

The coffee was wonderful, also beautifully presented and tasting divine. I'm no coffee expert, but this was definitely the best I've had in Leeds. Rich, smooth and complex.

I'd never heard of Bostok before, and a quick internet search suggests it might be Canadian? Wherever it's from it's delicious. A thick slice of brioche, spread with a sort of almond paste/cake mix and a few raspberries, baked, then dusted with icing sugar. The almond stuff forms a sort of crunchy, sweet crust that gives way to rich, buttery brioche, the raspberries adding occasional bursts of tart fruitiness. Really, really lovely.

Service was friendly and the prices are more than reasonable. The coffee was £2.00 and the Bostok £1.80. Don't waste your money in Starbucks or any of the other chains. Go here. It's far, far better and costs less too.


16 New Station Street

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Neil, Eating isn't Cheating said...

It's a truly stunning coffee shop. I'm a real espresso fiend and usually go for a double machiatto in here. It's not on the menu but costs the same as an espresso.

The best thing is that their coffee changes depending on where it is in season, so they have different blends every month all from one single coffee 'estate'. The blend at the moment is fantastic, but the Ethiopian coffee they had last month was THE best espresso I've ever had. Including my time working in Milan...

I love, love, love this place.

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