Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Earl Grey Tea Rooms, York

York on a damp Bank Holiday. The Shambles. Probably the most touristy street in a very touristy city. Afternoon tea here could well have been rubbish, but it turned out to be very good. I'm allowed to complain about tourists by the way, I was in York with the folks and my parents live there so technically that means we're locals.

Five of us shared an assortment of goodies by ordering a couple of high teas, an afternoon tea, and some extra pots of tea. Plenty of tea.

Starting off with the savouries, the sandwiches were very good. I'm not really a fan of the overly dainty afternoon tea sandwiches you usually get (no crusts, I like crusts!), and these were a more substantial affair. Generous quantities of thinly sliced ham or chunky egg mayo on thick cut brown bread.

Next up, scones and cake. The scones were light and served with plentiful clotted cream and jam. Anything served with clotted cream is inevitably going to be lovely, and these were no exception. Of the two cakes, carrot was beautifully moist and spicy but a yorkshire curd tart was the only duff note as it was very dry.

All told a most civilised way to spend an afternoon. The tea was a good strong brew as well, and some of the food being served up to the group of Oklahomans at the next table looked appetising. Our bill worked out at £6 apiece, not bad at all. Service was pleasant too. Who needs Bettys?


Earl Grey Tea Rooms
13-14 Shambles


Chef Chipmunk said...
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Chef Chipmunk said...

Thanks for recomending this place, just got back from a weekend in York (as a tourist, sorry!) and decided to go here after reading your review. I went for the scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on brown toast and sat in the lovely courtyard. What a perfect way to spend a lengthy brunch!

Dave said...

Nothing against tourists really, I'm one too in many places! Glad you liked it.

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