Sunday, 24 April 2011

Café Lento, Headingley, Leeds

The cafés of Headingley have a nice quiet, laid back atmosphere at the moment because most of the students have buggered off for the Easter holidays (I'm not some sort of student hater by the way, I was once one myself in Leeds. Just can't be bothered queueing for seats in cafés). Last weekend I spent a couple of peaceful hours in Café Lento with the sunday papers and a fry-up. Here it is:

Pretty good effort, but not quite good enough to take the full english title from the Koffee Pot.

Plus points: excellent thick cut, meaty bacon; plenty of mushrooms and tomatoes (nice to have something vaguely healthy in the mix); butter for the toast.
Minus points: sausage tasted a bit weird, egg very slightly underdone on the top.

£5.25 including tea and toast. Another worthy breakfast option.


21a North Lane

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