Thursday, 24 October 2013

Penelope's Kitchen, MediaCity, Salford

It's about time Media City got some decent lunch options. If you work in the vicinity you might not want a dirty great burger every day of the week, but for the occasional treat or a Friday blow-out I'd recommend a visit to Penelope's Kitchen.

It's a new indoor offering from the same people that ran the Dock Grill out on the square over the summer months. I never ate there, but I assume they'll be back outdoors next year serving up a similar mix of breakfasts, burgers and dogs.

The burger (can't remember its name. The classic maybe?) was the best I've had in a long while. Two pleasingly beefy patties (from Frost's butcher's in Chorlton apparently) cooked medium, plastic cheese, grilled onions and sauce. Messy but lovely. Only the brioche bun didn't quite do it for me, it couldn't handle all the slop and goo and ended up flattened out like some sort of baggy hat.

Fries were an unexpected bonus, they weren't advertised and I didn't order them, so they're either included as standard or I got lucky. Whichever it was they were good, similar to those from a fast food chain whose name I won't mention, and I mean that as a compliment.

An absolute steal at £5.50, and still great value even if that shouldn't have included the fries. It's not often I get enthused about this sort of thing ('ooh look another filthy burger place, how novel' style cynicism tends to kick in), but I'll definitely be back here. Recommended.


The Pie Factory
101 Broadway
M50 2EQ



Eating The North said...

Nice to see a proper simple burger without marshmallow/marmalade/fairy dust etc etc (i embellish but only slightly) making it "gourmet".

Neil, Eating isn't Cheating said...

That looks great. I know you're not a huge burger fan but you need to try Patty & Bun in London. It's central, just behind bond street tube, and does the best burgers in London IMHO.

The beef is just phenominal. 35 day dry aged aberdeen angus. Order the Ari Gold (they're 'classic' essentially).

So good. I wrote about it here:

Dave said...

Eating The North - agreed!

Neil - looks/sounds great. My London visits seem to be getting increasingly rare these days so the want list is getting ridiculous!

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