Monday, 13 May 2013

Wellington Fish Bar, Matlock

I'm immensely chuffed to report that my new local chippy is really rather good. The odds weren't really stacked in its favour: it's not in Yorkshire, or by the seaside, I don't think they fry in dripping and they don't serve haddock. Given that a combination of at least two of those things equates to my dream chip shop, the Wellington had to come up with some otherwise impressive goods.

Which it did, with some style. There may be no haddock, but there's also no pre-cooked fish sat sweating under heat lamps. Every cod (or plaice) is fried to order. I watched as my medium cod was filleted, battered and dunked in the fryer while I waited. An extra five minutes or so to stand around, but very much worth it.

The fish, a hefty beast a good inch and more in girth, flaked beautifully under its extra thin casing. I ate every morsel of the batter, not something I do often as I tend to leave the soggy underside.

Chips were rather more-ish, a gargantuan 'couldn't possibly finish it portion' imperceptibly disappearing as I repeatedly just had one more. Chips and curry sauce: standard. Check.

It's safe to say I'll be going back. Probably too often for my own good. Medium cod, chips and peas costs about six quid. Small would satisfy most. Don't order large unless you're a giant or excessively greedy.


26 Wellington Street


Fraser said...

If that's you're local chippy, Dave, you've probably been to the Thorn Tree round the corner? If not, you should. Good beer, good company, great views. Try the pie night on Wednesdays. Truly delicious gear (although not really pies in my book because it's just a top on a stew).

Fraser said...


Dave said...

Hi Fraser, thanks for commenting. Yes I've been to the Thorn Tree, but only for drinks so far. Not spending much time in the pub lately as my OH is pregnant. Will defo have to pay a visit and try the pies sooner or later. Cheers.

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