Sunday, 13 January 2013

Marmadukes Café Deli, Sheffield

A Twitter recommendation brought me to Marmadukes in search of good coffee. They use a Monmouth espresso blend and that quality really shines through. My flat white was a beauty, smooth with a bold, fruity flavour. Excellent stuff.

Other than the coffee there are good looking cakes, sandwiches, savouries and salads to be had, and the café is an attractive place to sit for a while, either inside or at one of a few tables outside on Norfolk Row, a pleasant pedestrianised side street. Blankets are provided to keep out the chill, a nice touch.

I ate on this visit too, quiche lorraine and salad. The quiche was perfectly fine but the salad was no more than a garnish. If you're charging £1.50 extra for salad, then a spoonful of some of the proper salads behind the counter might be a more appropriate choice than a very small handful of limp leaves, even if they are properly dressed.

The added leaves brought the cost of the food up to six quid, which I wouldn't take issue with at all if it was a proper plate of savoury with salads, but it wasn't that. The coffee was marvellous though, so maybe stick to that and give the cakes a try.

7/10 (a combination of 9 for the coffee and 5 for the meal)

Edit: see comments - Tim the cafe owner says the lack of a proper salad was their mistake, I should have been offered one from the counter. I'll pay another visit sometime soon, defo for coffee and maybe for food too.
22a Norfolk Row
S1 2PA

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Tim Nye said...

Hi Dave

I'm Tim the owner, thanks for visiting I'm glad you enjoyed your coffee.

For £1.50 extra you should have been offered one of the salads from the counter and not just green salad, I can only apologise for the error.

Thank you for your review and I hope you'll pay us a visit again soon.

Dave said...

Hi Tim,

thanks for commenting. I'll definitely pay you a visit again. I've updated the post to show the salad issue was a mistake rather than as it should have been.



Komal said...

wow I've heard its pricey too. Much rather have quiche at fusion, not tried marmadukes coffee yet but love the atmosphere

Dave said...

Hi Komal, not been to Fusion yet, will have to give it a try thanks. The coffee is great at Marmaduke's.

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