Thursday, 18 October 2012

New Cod on the Block, Crookesmoor, Sheffield

I was going to have a serious word with Sheffield about its fish and chips. After a complete disaster the other week I wasn't taking any chances, and had to walk away from no less than three chippies in a row that reeked of stale fat. Why? What is going on? Surely changing it from time to time is not that difficult.

I was on the verge of giving up completely and going to KFC instead (it really was that bad. Mind you I'd probably have ordered 15 hot wings. I like hot wings), when I recalled having seen them queuing out the door at a place only a few minutes further away.

It was New Cod on the Block. Nice pun! I was the sole customer on arrival and the fish was fried to order. Oh cod but it was good. Sorry I'm floundering now, this is roeful. Eely roeful. I think I should take the opportunaty to stop before I get stuck between a rock and a hard plaice.

I really am sorry. The cod (it seems cod is number one in this unruly part of Yorkshire) was about the girth and length of my upper arm and flaked beautifully in a puff of steam as I broke through the batter. Great work.

Chips were decent enough though not quite on a par with the fish. Peas were suitably sloppy but seemed to have been dyed more green. Bit unnecessary.

Around a fiver for fish, chips and peas. Less if you're a battered sausage or pukka pie fiend. Animal. You got away with it Sheffield. You can do fish and chips after all.


17 Commonside
S10 1GA

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