Sunday, 1 July 2012

Stuff on toast (No. 1)

Lists, ratings, rankings and statistics. I can't get enough of them. It's why I can't resist rating the restaurants I review. It's why I'm a sucker for 50 this, top ten of that and 100 of the other. Awards and and best ofs and so on and so forth. It's probably the main reason I've developed a love for cricket, with it's myriad rankings and scorings and co-efficients (check out cricinfo, hours of fun to be had on there). It's sad but I just can't help myself.

Not content with Bacon Sandwich Quest, restaurant rankings, catalogues of good things to eat and everything else in the same vein on this blog, I'm always imagining new and exciting ways to create lists. I have some great ones in mind, but none are likely to come to fruition. Too obscure or just downright silly.

How about: 'Top ten modern style Indian restaurants in West Yorkshire with faux leather seats serving disappointing stodgy food in enormous portions'. Silly and my constitution couldn't handle it.

Or maybe: 'Supermarket cafe sweep'. In which I review and rate comparable meals in the cafeterias at different supermarkets. This one was my Dad's idea. Too depressing and I'm already pretty sure Booth's is the best.

Or perhaps: 'Stuff on toast', a simple series cataloguing what I've been eating on toast. Simple, easy, no shortage of material, doesn't take much effort (keeping up with writing this blog is proving tricky at the moment) and will keep me amused deciding what the best things on toast were at the end of the year.

So here it is: stuff on toast, number 1.

Broad beans, mint and feta on sourdough. Tomatoes on sourdough.


abc said...

Nigel Slater (see Real Fast Food and The Thirty Minute Cook) is great for simple yet sophisticated toast-toppings -- especially his baked beans (but add smoked paprika), goat's cheese with roasted garlic, and creamy smoked mackerel. He's not especially clever with his flavouring and overall execution, but he always gets it so much better than I could if left to my own devices!

Anonymous said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

Dave said...

abc - thanks for commenting, I agree. I'm a big fan of Nigel Slater's books. Don't much like him on the telly though.

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