Thursday, 15 March 2012

The York, Sheffield

I finally made it to Sheffield proper! It was rather more pleasing than Meadowhall. Sunday afternoon was glorious, sunny and unseasonably mild, so a stroll in the park was followed by a trip to the York for a roast.

It's a very popular place. A large pub that was bustling and busy throughout, despite it being that sort of inbetween time early in the evening.

Our roasts, one pork and one beef, were ok but didn't really live up to expectations. The vegetables were very good, plenty of variety including some lovely sprouting broccoli, and none were overcooked either. There were also loads of roast potatoes, cut small just how I like them (more crusty bits that way).

Sadly it was the beef and the Yorkshire pudding that let the side down. Both had the unmistakeable air of having been sat around for too long, tasting ok but being a little chewy and withered.

I still ate the lot even it was a little dull, the meat and Yorkshire were kept moist by a generous dousing with decent gravy. At £10.95 for the beef and £9.95 for the pork it's not a cheap roast and I'm sure there are better elsewhere in Sheffield.

Service was efficient and I did like the lively atmosphere though. The pub quiz was just getting going as we left too, it sounded like a good 'un so I'd definitely return for that and a couple of beers. The company was far superior to the food, so I'm hoping I might be paying more visits to Sheffield (and hopefully eating while I'm there!) in the near future. Watch this space.


243-247 Fulwood Road
S10 3BA

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