Tuesday, 27 September 2011

David Street Café, Holbeck, Leeds

An old school caff in 'Holbeck Urban Village'. Who'd have thought it? If you want a sturdy fry-up or pie dinner in this part of town, this is the place to go.

Steak pie, mash, veg, Yorkshire pudding, gravy, a steaming mug of strong tea and friendly service will set you back £4.50. Bargain.

The food is good too. They clearly made the pie and the Yorkshires themselves, and made a much better job of them many pubs charging twice the price do. A properly risen pudding and a proper pie with a short crust and a generous meaty filling. The veg was a bit mushy but that's a minor quibble. If vegetables were the priority you'd have gone elsewhere.

Those of you lucky enough to work in the vicinity (rather than at the arse end of a distant industrial estate) are blessed with plenty of good places for lunch. As well as David Street I've been to the Pickled Pepper, Out of the Woods (sorry, not got round to reviewing it) and the Cross Keys. Where else should I try?


109 Water Lane
LS11 5WD


Leigh said...

total bargain!

Katie said...

Brilliant. I like Engine House too. Great breakfasts but never been later in the day to try the main menu.

Dave said...

Leigh - very much so. I nearly had pudding and custard for afters too.

Katie - haven't tried Engine House yet. Will have to give it a shot soon.

Thanks for the comments.

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