Thursday, 28 April 2011

Zam Zam Tandoori, Chorlton, Manchester

A damn fine kebab this, my poor photography really doesn't do it justice. It's chicken tikka on nan. Both meat and bread were cooked freshly in the tandoor. The bread was light and crisp, the chicken was moist, succulent and had loads of lovely nubbly, smoky, charred bits around the edges, and the salad was fresh. Generous dollops of both searing hot chilli sauce and tangy yoghurt sauce to top things off. What more do you need? The only criticism I can come up with is the unnecessary red food colouring on the chicken. Outstanding value at £3.00.

The venue is a run of the mill, scruffy-ish takeaway with a few tables inside. I never have a clue with these places. Most of them serve absolute rubbish, but a few come up with the goods like this. Fortunately Flavours of Manchester comes to the rescue. Will someone please start a Flavours of Leeds blog, so I know where to get a good kebab there too? Thanks.


452 Wilbraham Road
M21 0AG


EH said...

zulfi's in leeds is zam zam's equivalent, enjoy!

Dave said...

Good call EH, another one to remind me of my student days. Assuming you mean Zulfi's on Brudenell Road...

Ian Steven said...

Thanks for Sharing Zam Zam Tandoori. I must order food from it. When I am in a need of ordering Tandoori online, I visit and order tandoori from the listed restaurants.

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